Predicting Google's Next M&A Move.

Which companies will get acquired by Google?

There has been a lot of M&A activity by the large tech companies over the past several months. We estimate that there has been ~ $100 billion in software-driven acquisitions alone, including Google’s acquisition of analytics software company Looker for $2.6 billion in cash.

With massive cash reserves, these big tech giants could provide good exit values to unicorn companies with; a great talent pool, intellectual property, and that are strategically aligned with at least one of the giants. Therefore, despite the recently announced M&A scrutiny by the FTC in the US, signals indicate we will witness an M&A bonanza over the coming months (see our previous for reference).

Kähler VC.X M&A Predictive Analytics

We are currently tracking VC-backed enterprise software companies at different stages across Europe and the US. These companies have products that are aligned with the following big tech companies; Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Intel, Cisco, and SAP.

Using another of our novel mathematical frameworks, internally codenamed the ‘Lebesgue Framework’ in honor of French mathematician Henri Lebesgue, we compute the probabilities of each of these companies being acquired by the giants mentioned above and the price tags. We’ve then generated an interactive acquisition target dashboard for the respective tech giant (see the Google example screenshots below).

The example above (US targets) shows six unicorn companies on the map whose probability of being acquired by Google is high! We’ll give you a free hint, Confluent (with a 53% probability) on the bottom row, center image! :)

The example above shows six European tech startups on the map whose probability of being acquired by Google is high! We’ll give you a free hint, Improbable (with a 51% probability) on the top left, London map! :)

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