Predicting Sequoia's European Talent Wish List

Find out which high profile VCs that we think Sequoia could hire for Europe.

Sequoia recently announced that it hired Accel’s European superstar Luciana Lixandru as its first partner for its long-awaited European office.

‘‘Today we are delighted to share that Luciana Lixandru will join the Sequoia team as our first partner in Europe.

We have long viewed Luciana as one of the brightest rising stars in the European VC ecosystem. Joining us from Accel, she has an impressive track record and has demonstrated her ability time and time again to identify exceptional founders early on and partner with them as they continue to scale. Luciana identified the trend in RPA ahead of the venture industry and led the Series A in UiPath. She has also been a valuable business partner to Deliveroo, Miro, Tessian, and many others and is trusted immensely by the founders with whom she works.

We’ve seen first-hand Luciana’s expertise through our work together on UiPath and Tessian, and we’re confident her experience will be incredibly beneficial both to the Sequoia team and to our founders. Luciana embodies one of the characteristics we admire most in founders and partners: grit. Coming from a small town in Romania, Luciana navigated herself to college in the US, through a recruiting gauntlet into Morgan Stanley, and then launched herself into a successful investing career. Her tenacity, hunger and get-it-done attitude are at the tip of the tongue of those we know who have worked with her.

Luciana spent the last eight years at Accel, which has a long-standing presence in Europe, and became a partner in their London office three years ago. We continue to be impressed by the increasing number of high-quality founders in Europe working to build enduring companies. We look forward to working closely with Luciana to expand our ongoing efforts in the region. She will be starting in September and will be based in London, where she will anchor our SC Europe operation. We’re thrilled to welcome Luciana to the team!’’ - Sequoia Blog

Who Else Could Be on Sequoia’s Wish List?

Well, we’re delighted to share the following dashboard, see screenshot below, containing some of the names that our algorithm produced that could be a good match as per the meta-profile that we generated for Sequoia:

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