The Kolmogorov IPO Score for Asana

Our initial success prediction for Asana's IPO!

As mentioned in a previous post entitled ‘Tracking Andreessen Horowitz's Enterprise Portfolios’, Asana is one of the high profile 37 growth stage enterprise companies from Andreessen Horowitz’s enterprise portfolio that we are closely monitoring. We will soon start covering A16Z’s crypto and consumer portfolios, including Airbnb!

Asana Prediction (Jan 5th 2020)

As a quick refresher to our new readers, we theorize that our Kolmogorov IPO Score (see our introduction post) is a proxy answer to the chances of an IPO succeeding. The Kolmogorov IPO Score corresponds to the probability of an IPO being successful. Now, even though Asana chose the route of direct listing, it doesn’t really matter as our investor sentiment strength analysis can still be applied.

The Kolmogorov IPO Score for Asana as of Jan 5th 2020 is 50%. So according to our prediction based on gathered data so far, Asana has a 50% probability of success after the lockup period expires, which is a good outlook if our predictions are correct. Although it is still early days yet!:)

Of course, it is possible this prediction will change as we capture more data over the coming days as the company releases more internal information via SEC. Subscribers to our Pre-IPO Analyzer Platform will get regular prediction updates for Asana, plus other unicorns filling to go public.

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